At Relax-n-Wax Studio, we use combination from hard wax to soft wax and Nufree for the Brazilian Service!

The Amazing Benefits:
Unlike shaving or depilatory creams that remove hair only at the surface, waxing removes hair at the root. There is no razor burn, unsightly bumps, or irritating stubble the very next day. With continuous waxing. ( approximately every 4-6 weeks) your hair will grow in softer and more sparse, leaving your skin smoother and hair free for weeks!

​​​Pre-Brazilian Wax Tips

  • Length of hair must be at least 1/4 inch long
  • No shaving 2 weeks prior to appointment
  • Do not trim hair before appointment
  • Reduce intake of caffeine day of appointment
  • Pain reliever can be taken 30mins to 1hour before appointment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing if it is your first time.

Breathe and Relax!!  It’s not what the movies and television shows have made it out to be!

Post-Brazilian Wax Tips

  • Refrain from strenuous work-outs for 24-hours after your appointment (esp. spinning and bikram yoga)
  • Refrain from using hot tubs, steam rooms, & saunas for 24-hours after your appointment
  • Aloe Vera gel or lotion will help calm the skin after waxing and can be used immediately after your appointment
  • Wait 24-hours after your appointment before exfoliating the area

General Maintenance Tips

  • Use an in-shower physical exfoliant (ie. loofah or non-oily scrub) 2-3 times a week to keep skin soft
  • If prone to ingrown hairs, use a chemical exfoliant as well (ie. ingrown hair serum) once a day, or as often as your skin can handle w/o becoming dry and flaky

After Your First Brazilian...

  • Using an antibiotic cream in the morning and a hydro-cortisone cream in the evening is suggested for the 3-4 days after your appointment. the combination helps to prevent small white-head-like blemishes from occurring. (if you do get these small bumps, they go away on their own within a couple days after waxing).

When should I come in for a wax before my vacation?
It is suggested that you come in for waxing as close to the date of departure as possible. You may come in a couple of days before your trip, but the closer you are to the date you leave, the longer the wax will last!

If you're new to waxing...

4-5 weeks before vacation:
Come in for a "test" wax if it's your very first time before you leave for vacation. This will allow you to see how your skin reacts to waxing, and apply the triple-antibiotic and hydrocortisone creams from the comfort of home.

1-2 days before vacation:
Come in for your pre-vacation wax! The bikini extended or Brazilian wax is suggested if you are traveling to a beach local!

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What is the difference between a bikini line, bikini extended, and brazilian wax?

Modest Bikini
The bikini line wax removes hair visible outside of a bathing suit or underwear. This service removes any hair on the upper inner thighs and hair from the top bikini line.

Possible add-ons:
Between the Cheeks $10

Extended Bikini
The bikini extended wax removes more hair than the simple bikini line. This service removes hair from the sides of the bikini area, and a thin line of hair from the labia. The majority of the hair on the labia will not be removed. The extended bikini line wax does not include between the cheeks.

Possible add-ons:
Between the Cheeks $10

Teeny Bikini
The teeny bikini wax removes more hair than the extended bikini. This service removes hair from the sides of the bikini area, and a thicker line of hair from the labia. The majority of the hair on the labia will not be removed. The teeny bikini wax includes between the cheeks.

The Bohemian

The bohemian wax includes everything from front to back​ and with a natural look on the top. 

Landing Strip / The Martini / Brazilian
The brazilian wax includes everything from front to back. If you would like hair on the labia removed, it is considered a brazilian regardless of what you leave on the front.

*A first-time brazilian at Relax-n-Wax  Studio is $59. If your brazilian is scheduled within 4-6 weeks and your previous appointment was at Relax-n-Wax, you qualify for Brazilian Maintenance pricing at $40.